Art Projects, select.

Running High I 2013, Multisyncron panoramic video installation. Sizes varying from 2 meters up to 40 meters. 3D animation 18 minutes, Music Erik Wøllo. More info on available the Running High artproject.

Bending Water IV 2008, 3D animation 24 minutes


Bending Water III 2008, 3D animation 28 minutes

Balling Games

Balling Games 2004, 3D animation 6 minutes, Music Erik Wøllo


Consuming Pleasures 2003, 3D animation 13 minutes, Music Erik Wøllo

Sprawlville 2002, 3D animation 12 minutes, Music Erik Wollo

Crash Course

Crash Course 2001, 3D animation 10 minutes, Music Erik Wøllo

Fun House

Fun House 1999, 3D animation 11 minutes, Music Erik Wøllo


LayOut 1998 12 min, Music Erik Wøllo


Antebellum America 1996, 3D animation 12 minutes, Music Erik Wollo


The Square 1995, 3D animation 12 minutes